Animals Deserve Better – Dogs Rescued and Awaiting Adoption

Animals Deserve Better only takes a few animals into the rescue at a time to allow us to provide the care and individual attention that is needed. Every companion animal that gets adopted from us allows us to be able to save the life of one or many more still to be born or those in need of medical or special care.  All our companion animals live in our homes. From the first meeting we are looking for those special puppies or adults that will enter into our Paws for Life Training Program.  Other puppies and adults become companion or therapy dogs for families that do not need or require a service assistance dog.

Here are some of the dogs awaiting their forever home. If you are interested in one of these precious animals contact us.  If we ask you to fill out an application- here it is:general-adoption-form


ADB Adoption TwisterThrough no fault of his own Twister aka Bruno has to be re-homed. His human mum and dad have got divorced and he is looking to find a kind and caring family or person to take him in. He is 6 years old and has at least a good 6 more years to give love attention and happiness. If you can open your heart to this boy he will return it multiple times over. He is in desperate circumstances and needs to be homed now of the threat of the local shelter will seal his fate even a temporary foster to give us time to find that special home please open your hearts – its thanksgiving.

Twister is a husky / shepherd mix a beautiful black and tan.  Please contact Animals Deserve Better at 770-402-0297 |email