Meet Laura and Carlie Hope

//Meet Laura and Carlie Hope

Meet Laura and Carlie Hope

Meet Laura

ADB team Laura and her Service Dog Carlie Hope

Laura lives with three medical conditions: a rare form of muscular dystrophy, a brain tumor on my pituitary, and a traumatic pelvis injury. Any one of these alone would be a major concern. But the three together have created a crisis. A medical alert dog could preserve her quality of life and possibly save it.

Laura is now partnered with a dog from Animals Deserve Better | Paws for Life. Formerly Toni now Laura has named her Carlie Hope who is being trained to help her manage daily life with the challenges she faces.

Master trainer Kimberly Brenowitz is going to work with this new Dog Team on several tasks including scent training to alert to low Potassium Levels which could be life threatening along with balance and mobility training. This dog for Laura is essential.

We will show progress on this new team throughout the year, but right now they need some financial support. So if you have the ability to help you can do so by going to their gofundme page and donating.


Paws for Life is part of Animals Deserve Better, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, dedicated to training Service Dogs.

The tax ID for your tax deductible donation is: 86-1094919

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Kimberly Brenowitz is a Master Service Dog Trainer. Atlanta Georgia, Marietta Georgia