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In January 2004 Animals Deserve Better Incorporated as a non-profit 501c3 in the State of Georgia; qualifying under IRS codes as a tax exempt charity on both Federal and State levels, and obtained its Animal Shelter License with the Department of Agriculture for the State of Georgia.  Animals Deserve Better, Inc is located in East Cobb, Marietta, Georgia.

Master Trainer Kimberly Brenowitz of Paws for Life.

Master Trainer Kimberly Brenowitz Training a Class Outdoors

The founder of Animals Deserve Better, Inc., formed the non profit no-kill animal all volunteer rescue organization after many years of volunteering for Georgia county shelters and out of her love for the lost, abandoned and neglected souls that she met during that time, the majority of whom never found their forever home or family, but died alone and terrified without knowing  or finding that place called “home”.  So,  Animals Deserve Better, Inc., was born and it’s volunteers can and do make a difference in those lives that it rescues.  Love is given unconditionally, no family is ever split up, no one is ever left behind and all medical needs are treated no matter what it takes to make our rescues healthy. Our rescues live in a family environment with 24 hour care until they are placed into service or adopted. Homes and family are found for all no matter the time that it takes and we try very hard to make sure that everyone one is happy with their new family member. Animals Deserve Better, Inc. specializes in orphaned babies, pregnant mums and special needs cases.

In 2019 Animals Deserve Better, Inc filed for and was granted a dba ” Paws For Life USA ” as this name is more in keeping with the Service Dog program that has been the main focus of the organization since 2010.   

Donation Day

Donation Day

Paws for Life is a is one of the main focuses of the organization – of the animals that we rescue from high kill shelters about 30% are trained for service, therapy, assistance or facility work. Paws for Life provides children and adults with disabilities specially trained dogs.  Those precious moments when you see a dog working with its handler, helping hear, helping assist and helping alert are treasured moments never forgotten. By saving a dog’s life and assisting a disabled child or adult to have a better quality of life, there can be nothing more profound or heartwarming.  The program specializes in  Autism, Multipurpose, Mobility, Seizure, Psychiatric, Hearing, Medical, Companion & Therapy Dogs. Animals Deserve Better, Inc follows the training standards established by Assistance Dogs International and Guide Dogs for The Blind. The hallmark of the Guide Dog Foundation is its meticulous matching program to ensure that each applicant is teamed with the guide dog that best suits that person’s lifestyle, and physical needs. The Partnerships we create are truly Life Changing.

Paws for Life| Animals Deserve Better Service Dog Training- Group Shot of Service Dogs and their handlers 2015

Group of Service Dogs & their Handlers 2015

Animals Deserve Better, Inc., rescues animals from county shelters, takes in owner surrenders and works diligently to reduce the hard statistics that between 120,000 – 150,000 animals are killed in Metro Atlanta area shelters every year by promoting spay and neuter policies for every companion animal.

The founder and CEO is certified with EARS (United Animal Nations) now known as Red Rovers bringing animals from crisis to care, Delta Society now Pet Partners certified with her Service Dog Simon, CERT qualified ( Community Emergency Response Team Cobb County, GA) for disaster relief, she is also certified in animal first aid with the American Red Cross, is a member of APTA for dog trainers and a member of the Humane Education Association. Animals Deserve Better is also a member of: International Association of Assistance Dog Partners and Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Animals Deserve Better, Inc., has helped rescue over 3000 animals.  Animals Deserve Better, Inc. comprises 100% volunteers who are dedicated to helping animals.  I THANK YOU ALL FOR WHAT YOU DO……….

Our  Lifesaver Club Programs……..

Animals Deserve Better has developed The “Lifesaver Club” which allows donors to sponsor numerous programs “Paws for Life” which trains rescued pups as service, assistance and therapy dogs for the disabled; “Animal Awareness” which teaches humane education to children and adults on all aspects of our companion animals care and requirements; and “Animal Watch Dog” that helps provide information and training for animals in the time of a disaster – its never to late to be prepared.  What do you have set up for your family and your animals – where would you go – what would you do and what would you take with you.


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