Paws for Life USA-Service Dog Training- Located in Atlanta Georgia.

The Paws for Life Service Dog Training Program is the primary focus of Paws For Life USA a non-profit 501c3. Most of our puppies|dogs come from litters that have been bred by hand-picked registered breeders, who we have researched and worked with over many years and are specifically selected for their dogs blood lines, with proven working, service or therapy dogs in their pedigrees.

We continue to select from the litters of new generations where in the past we have evaluated, matched and trained puppies from their parents or siblings.  A few of our puppies|dogs are rescued from high kill shelters or from rescue organizations at the request of some clients, who would prefer to rescue their dog then receive a dog through a breeder, to be trained for service, therapy or emotional support work.  We want that bond of puppy/dog and disabled handler to be strong, so our philosophy of “On the Job Training” working with them through the foster socialization / habituation period is critical to forming that special bond.  The match for us is critical and all involved have to feel that connection.

We do work and train dogs that are already in the family of a disabled person or indeed the puppy/dog may have been selected by them already to become their service or therapy dog. These puppies/dogs must first be evaluated and tested by us to see if they have the ability to be able to be trained for the tasks that will be ahead of them.  Just as with the puppies/dogs we take into the program, once approved, we train them and their handler/owner together and work with them to pass a stringent list of training protocols to become a service dog.

We are available 24/7 for any questions that may need immediate answers. We are with any dog that we match into our program for the life of the dog as disabilities do not stay the same they change, new tasks are needed to be continually added or refreshments need to be done.  We are proud of the dogs we train and their handlers, both accomplish incredible things as a team.  We know our dogs are out there to save lives, that their handlers are dependent upon them and we are dedicated to making them the best team they can be.

We are an IRS 501c3 Non-Profit corporation specializing in custom service dog training  and we are located in north Atlanta, Georgia. We are available to custom train for most disabilities except the totally blind.  We offer training for those who live in Georgia and other States.  We are Pet Partners of Cobb County a community partner of the international Pet Partners Therapy Dog Program.  We train therapy, facility and AAT animals, evaluate and assist with visitations, a smile or laugh can make the world change. We offer educational talks on many animal related topics through our Animal Awareness program including but not limited to Disaster Relief, First Aid and the ADA including supportive information on service dogs to educate the general public, employers, merchants, emergency services personnel and other groups.

We are members in good standing with: IAADP, IACP, APDT and we are AKC Evaluators. We are an Assistance Dogs International Candidate 2020. We create partnerships that are life changing.


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The Primary Mission of Paws For Life USA is to match and custom train along with their handler, care giver or our program trainer’s, highly skilled Service dogs for adults, children, veterans and first responders through our specialized service dog training program.  To provide life time training of our certified service dogs to ensure performance, obedience and tasks that allow their disabled handler to continue and lead a better quality of life.

The Secondary Mission is to provide education and be a resource within the community, the general public and for those with disabilities. Offering talks on Disaster Preparedness, First Aid, Animal Health, Service, Assistance, ESA, Therapy and Companion dogs along with State laws and Federal ADA regulations.