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ADB kimberly and stsimon

Kimberly is a Master Dog Trainer for over 35 years specializing in the training of Service and Therapy Dogs in the areas of Obedience, Service, Therapy, Scent, Agility along with Search and Rescue. She is certified with EARS (United Animal Nations) now known as Red Rovers bringing animals from crisis to care, Delta Society now Pet Partners certified with her Service Dog Simon, CERT qualified ( Community Emergency Response Team Cobb County, GA) for disaster relief, and is also certified in animal first aid with the American Red Cross.  She is a member of APDT for dog trainers and a member of the Humane Education Association. In addition, she is a member of the  International Association of Assistance Dog Partners and Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

Kimberly through Animals Deserve Better, Inc., has helped rescue over 3000 animals. 

In 2019 Animals Deserve Better, Inc filed for and was granted a dba ” Paws For Life USA ” as this name is more in keeping with the Service Dog program that has been the main focus of the organization since 2010.


Kimberly Brenowitz Master Trainer | Member of APDT
Animals Deserve Better | Paws for Life is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer
Pet Partners of Cobb County Therapy Dog Program
Kimberly Brenowitz Master Trainer| Member of Red Rover
Kimberly Brenowitz Master Trainer | Member of IAADP