Thank you for considering partnering with us to support our non-profit organization and those who have disabilities with Service Dogs that have been affected by COVID-19.  Trained service dogs can make a world of difference for people living with disabilities. They allow their handlers to be more independent, more productive, have less pain, less fear and simply can save lives.  

Unfortunately, trained service dogs are very expensive. Service dogs require anywhere from 18-36 months of intensive training. Our program relies on donations, fundraising and volunteers to help support the ongoing costs of caring for our incredible dogs.   The Covid – 19 Georgia shelter-in-place order means our events have been cancelled. Planned assistance to support our organization was wiped out. We are continuing to train one on one with handlers and their dogs at our school but the costs of keeping our doors open without donations is taking its toll.

Unfortunately, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had handlers lose their jobs and suffer a decrease in income that has left them unable to afford food and veterinary care for their service dogs.  Paws For Life USA is giving them the needed help but this is causing  us to cry out for help to sustain our ability to offer aid as we have no idea how long our handlers and their dogs will be in need.    

Our organization fosters service dogs in training while waiting on matches being made.  We currently have 12 dogs in our puppy raiser / foster care program that we are asking you to open your hearts and give to help feed, provide medical attention and care for these exceptional dogs.

We have veterans, adults and children with disabilities that are in need of service dogs right now, but due to Covid -19 the fundraising plans were cancelled and have caused a huge deficit in our financial ability to sponsor a service dog for a person in desperate need. 

Can you give to our cause and help us continue to support those in need during not only this time but in the future.  We need you to help our disabled clients, their service dogs and the service dogs in training program, we are in desperate need of any gift you can give.

Please partner with us and support Paws For Life USA because without your gift many of our service dogs and those that we support with disabilities will struggle terribly and living with a disability is hard enough.

The tax ID for your tax-deductible donation is: 86-1094919

Paws For Life USA
P.O. Box 72016
Marietta, GA 30007-2016

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