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Paws For Life USA Service Dog Training program is unleashing the possibilities for those with visible and non-visible disabilities, by matching puppies and young dogs to be trained as service dogs to help people lead more independent lives.

This very special program is all about the right match being made between dog and handler. Once the match is made training of both dog and handler begins together right from the start.   We train service dogs to assist with: Autism, Multipurpose, Mobility, Seizure, Psychiatric, Hearing, Medical, Diabetic and other disabilities.  The Partnerships we create are Life Changing.

Paws for Life USA works with many breeders whose dogs have been evaluated and who have proven blood lines with ancestors who have been in service, therapy or working and show dogs. Animals Deserve Better will also evaluate and rescue puppies/dogs from local or out of State shelters. We can also evaluate a handlers own dog as a potential to become their service dog. Almost all the puppies/dogs live with us in our homes enabling us to learn all about their personalities to ensure the right match between puppy/dog and handler are made. We can also custom search for a specific breed based on what the handler is looking for. We do not have a wait list, the wait is as long as it takes to find the right match for all concerned, every one including the dog and other animals in the home have to be sure that this is the right match, otherwise we will not place.  If you don’t like the people you work for you will not work well.

To start the process an application will need to be completed and one can be found on our web site under the forms tab. Part A is all about the person needing the service dog, general fact finding and physical strengths and weakness’s are included in this form.  Part B gets completed by the doctor and sent to us to be reviewed.  We also require a video or photos be sent of the living environment to help us with placement of the dog in the home. Answers to our questions can be done in the video or written on a separate sheet of paper. Two letters of recommendation one from a friend and one from a professional informing us as to the reasons they believe that you would benefit from a service dog. We work with individuals and families Nationwide.

Once we have this information we can then ensure that you indeed qualify under the ADA for a service dog and have information on your disability to be able to answer all your questions.  Any dog that we take into the program we are with that dog for the dogs life.  Disabilities change and we want to ensure that our dogs are working to the best of their ability to ensure their handlers safety. Upon approval we set up a meeting to go over all the information necessary including getting contracts signed we can then start the process of locating a match. Animals Deserve Better, Inc requires a donation / contribution of funds be made to the non-profit.  Assistance can be provided through our Operations Department for fundraising and other sourced suggestions. The donation/contribution can be spread out over a period of time with an initial donation / contribution made at the time of the contracts being signed, giving the go ahead to start the search. Sponsorship of the puppy/dog are also possible from other organizations and a separate proposal to them will be made and attached to the contract upon it being agreed to.

The Paws For Life USA Program will work with and assist the handler in any way possible.  We are all about your health and well ness and for making your life better. Please if you are a Veteran, look at our veteran program for assistance.

Training includes basic, intermediate and advanced obedience together with agility, fit-paws, core body strengthening, nose -works, educational games and scent work along with certifications of AKC Star Puppy if under a year, AKC Canine Good Citizen, Urban Canine, Community Canine and the Public Access Test.  We work obedience and disability side by side, you live and breathe service dog. Where you go your dog will go, on the job training is socialization and habituation.  We use positive reinforcement, tlc, love and affection in our training methods, we do not use a clicker and we do not use treats, unless scent work requires kibble to be used. One on one classes are offered for specific disability work along with group class on Saturday’s and elite groups during the week. Training starts out weekly. Every team will learn at a difference pace so you may not graduate with those you started out with. Basic time frame is about 24 months before you end up graduating as a trained team but this can vary. Life and training will go on for ever. We do require that you return to the school or we facetime or skype every 2 years to make sure that you are maintaining the best possible working relationship and to add additional tasks that may be required. We are available 24/7 for any questions that you may have.  We are in constant contact with you even after graduation. Cell phone will not be answered by trainers during class unless a 911 but text or email if necessary may receive a reply.  All information is private and confidential.

Paws for Life USA believes that this journey which both dog and human undertake together forms a strong bond that will last forever.  

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Service Dogs trained to assist People with Autism | Animals Deserve Better|Paws for Life Georgia
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