“I find what you do and how you work just extraordinary. You stand out above all the other trainers I work with, pure joy when I get to work with you. “ “I knew he would be fine once he got started, he is one of my more fragile guys but it’s also one of the reasons I recommended that he work with you. When speaking with you I have always had the sense that you are gifted not only in training the dogs but also with working with my veterans, putting them at ease when things seem difficult. He knows what a wonderful opportunity he has working with you and wrote me that he was having a good time and really enjoying the training.” Military Sponsor

Since my first contact with Kimberly, and Donna at Animals Deserve Better, I have been treated with care, and compassion. This organization has changed my life by introducing me to Charlie, my noble companion, and seizure alert service dog. ADB is a breath of fresh air in a challenging world dealing with health struggles. Thank you, Animals Deserves Better!  Kevin

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I reached out to Paws For Life USA to learn if I could benefit from having a service dog to assist me with a disability that I suffer with and could possibly alert to me prior to an attack to assist me in challenging situations. As soon as my application was submitted and approved, I was matched with Nala, a German Shepherd puppy. She was placed with me at 8 weeks old to begin our training journey to help give me back my independence. Our trainer is a caring, amazing woman with years of experience who has always been available whenever we have needed her, night or day, she has been right there. The training is like no other, we train everywhere you would think you and your dog would need or want to go together and then some. With Nala and the real life, out in the community, hands on training and guidance that we have received from Paws For Life USA I feel like a part of my life has been restored and I am forever grateful.  SERVICEDOGNALA

Hi Kimberly,
You would have been so proud of Sky this morning. I went to the other building and into the bathroom and had a fall in there. Sky CRAWLED UNDER THE BATHROOM STALL DOOR to my side! adb testi sky crwling under bathroom stall I love my girl! and was so proud of her. It took her a few tries before she finally came to me but she did it! She came to my right side laid down and put her nose under my arm and gave me a few good nudges and a big sigh. I got to my position and she fronted and stood still while I got up.
Thank you so much for Sky. She makes my life so much brighter.
Just thought that you would like to know that “your girl” is doing a great job and that I love her so much.
Monica & Skye

I have been involved with Paws for Life USA, Animals Deserve Better for two years now. I have my Goldendoodle in training to become a registered therapy dog. It has become such a very important part of my life. I have learned so much about the interaction between the handler and their dog. I feel closer to my dog than I ever thought possible. I have witnessed the amazing things that service and therapy dogs can do. Kimberly Brenowitz is an excellent trainer and also a wonderful friend. The people and the dogs in our classes are like family. We all know how life changing our experiences are!  Harleighbelle

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Kimberly Brenowitz of Animals Deserves Better is beyond dedicated to helping the lives of people with disabilities with the use of task based service dogs. Her understanding of both the human needs and her ability to work with the dogs is amazing. In my experience thru the years of classes i was a part of she has trained dogs to do amazing things for their handlers. In my training with my dog alone i saw her work with all kinds of disabilities- people who were paralyzed, people with MS, Autism, PTSD to name just a few. She works with both handler and dog to build a strong bond and her dedication doesn’t leave after the dog is trained. Truly a special and unique organization.  Milotheservicedog

Every night when I go to bed I know that I am in safe hands with my service dog McKenzie at my feet. I use a CPAP and when ever there is a problem in the night she will get up move the mask until it is back in the right position and go right back and lie down at the end of the bed and watch me as I sleep. Thanks to the training McKenzie received at Paws For Life USA my life is so much easier including diabetic alert work. All volunteer non profit organization that truly works hard to make life matter. WIMBY1 

We’ve had such a great experience with ADB and Kimberly is wonderful! We have a service dog through the organization (who was a perfect match to the needs on first try), and regularly attend training. ADB can help unfortunate dogs not only find homes, but continue to work with them in giving them a purpose through training into therapy-, emotional support-, or service animals.

adb TESTI sadie white dog

i just wanted to let you know the great thing Sadie did this morning. Stephanie fell outside on the steps coming in from taking Sadie out to go to the bathroom. Stephanie got herself in and called for me. i was upstairs and couldn’t hear her. She told Sadie to “go get Meemee” and here comes Sadie upstairs and down the hall to get me and lead me back to Stephanie!! We were so proud of Sadie!!!  Just thought it would make your day! Michelle Stephanie n Sadie

Kimberly, is awesome! She’s straightforward and teaches you what you need to know about working with your service dog. She, works with you as a group or on an individual basis. I’ve had the pleasure to do both. Kimberly, also does field trips with you and your dogs so that they can get out in the public and both you and your dog learn how to handle different environments. She’s a very caring person who knows what it takes to train a dog to be a service dog. I’ve been working with Kimberly for about 2 1/2 yrs training my shelter dog to be a service dog to help me out in various areas of my life. My dog, Bear, started alerting me when he was 4 months old about my thyroid levels. I have no thyroid so when my levels are out of sync it can be either too much or too little thyroid medication. Bear, has learned lots of things from our classes with Kimberly. Some of the things we’ve learned together are to find me by my scent, open a handicap door, fetch a specific item and bring it to me, pickup an item and give it to me, identify color blocks by sight, heel, come, paws up, and lots more. Kimberly believes that you can teach your dog to do the basics and more for you as long as you keep training with your dog. I’ve recently taught Bear to take a piece of mail from me at the mailbox and bring it into the house and give it to me, he also can push open the door from my garage to the kitchen. Some things that Kimberly and I haven’t trained him to do are alerting me like I said to my thyroid levels but also alerting me when my knees or other parts of my body are hurting by lightly touching the area of my body that is hurting, as well as comforting me when I’m sleeping and have pain or sleeping restlessly. In the latter case he usually puts his head on my shoulder, or waist until I’m relaxed. He’s also awakened me to take my thyroid medication and he’s also awakened me when he thinks I’m having too much pain and should take something to help relieve the pain. All of this and more has been through Kimberly’s help. If I wasn’t working with Kimberly on how to work and train Bear I wouldn’t know what some of the things he does mean. I also understand that to work together helps create a bond that you can’t get in 2 or 3 weeks with some other organizations that train service dogs. Based on what Kimberly has told us in class training our service dog is really all up to us and the sky’s the limit in working and training our service dogs. I’m forever grateful to Kimberly for all that she has taught me and Bear and for all that she’ll continue to teach us in the future. If anyone is looking for a highly trained trainer for service dogs, Kimberly, would be my choice hands down.   Bear23

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To All Dog Handlers:
Paws For Life/Animals Deserve Better is a “Top-Choice” for individuals with special needs; This includes Military Veteran’s too, and Master Trainer Kimberly Brenowitz has teamed with my service-dog “Lady Liberty” and I since the early spring of 2019; She has trained and helped us both so my service dog can overcome any challenge in an urban environment; Moreover, and now when we are in public settings full of noise and chaos, “Lady Liberty” shows discipline; Finally, and altogether, finding a dog-training regiment which works as well as a Nationally qualified training center can be a tedious process; However, I was blessed to have found Paws For Life/Animals Deserve Better with Master Trainer Kimberly Brenowitz (2019), and I recommend one to seek this place. Thank You

Very Respectfully:
George Humble “Doc” Corpsman USN/USMC Fleet Marine Force Medical Corpsman Veteran and Chaplain

I first learned of ADB & met Kimberly when I wanted to find a dog for pet therapy. It was my desire to find and rescue a dog that had great potential to be a therapy dog. Kimberly & I worked together and ultimately I adopted a terrific dog that had been in a shelter twice. Kimberly’s expertise to test & identify a dog with the right potential was key.

Unfortunately, the dog had been traumatized in the past by a dog or dogs so Kimberly taught me how to desenitize her fear of other dogs.
We have been together for 4 months and are still in the training process but are well on our way to achieving our certification as a therapy team.
I am grateful for the training & expertise and highy recommend ADP.  PPIN