Our Community Programs……..

Paws For Life USA has developed a Community Program which allows donors to sponsor numerous programs “Paws for Life” which trains pups as service, assistance and therapy dogs for the disabled; “Animal Awareness” which teaches humane education to children and adults on all aspects of our companion animals care and requirements; and “Animal Watch Dog” that helps provide information and training for animals in the time of a disaster – it’s never too late to be prepared.  What do you have set up for your family and your animals – where would you go – what would you do and what would you take with you.

Puppy Raising and Foster Families. Give the gift of fostering or raising a future service dog and help a person with disabilities today. Interested puppy raisers or foster families are required to  submit a puppy or foster application form, along with references and complete a successful interview with PFL staff member to be considered for these programs.