Master Dog Trainer Kimberly Brenowitz

Kimberly Brenowitz, Master Dog Trainer Animals Deserve Better | Paws for Life

Kimberly Brenowitz, Master Dog Trainer

BS in Business

♦  Founder  Animals Deserve Better, Inc 501 (c) 3 PAWS FOR LIFE – Program

♦  Dog Trainers Vocational Academy – Master Dog Educator/Trainer

♦  Dog Trainers Vocational Academy – Professional Dog Educator /Trainer

♦  Dog Trainers Vocational Academy – Basic Dog Educator/Trainer

♦  Dog Trainers Vocational Academy – Therapy and Facility Educator/Trainer

♦  Seattle Service dog Academy – Diabetic Alert Dog Certification

♦ International College of Canine Studies – Psychiatric Service Dog

♦ Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s and Neurological Assistance

♦ British College of Canine Studies – Advanced Canine Behavior Diploma

♦ Service Dogs Certification – Selecting and training Diabetic Alert Dogs

♦ Service Dogs Certification – Selecting and Training Dogs for Mental Illness

♦ International Association of Assistance Dog Partners IAADP

♦ International Association of Canine Professionals IACP

♦ Association of Professional Dog Trainers APDT

♦ Delta Society Accredited Member and Evaluator

♦ Pet Partners Therapy Team

♦ Working with Veterans

♦ Working with Unseen Disabilities

♦ Pet Partners of Cobb County a Community Organization for therapy teams: Walk with Me and Read with Me

♦  AKC STAR Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, Urban and Community Evaluator

♦ Certified with Red Rovers for Disaster Assistance

♦ CERT qualified Cobb County

♦ Certified Animal First Aid with the American Red Cross

Tax ID#: 86-1094919

Additional Information

Riding horses and living with dogs since age 2

Owned and operated The Hunt Club in Sarasota Florida an equestrian school and boarding facility 1980

Training horses for over 35 Years: Equine Therapy for the disabled/Hunter Jumper/Dressage

Training dogs for over 35 years: Search and Rescue/Obedience/Agility/Scent