Paws for Life USA
Hi Kimberly,
You would have been so proud of Sky this morning. I went to the other building and into the bathroom and had a fall in there. Sky CRAWLED UNDER THE BATHROOM STALL DOOR to my side! adb testi sky crwling under bathroom stall I love my girl! and was so proud of her. It took her a few tries before she finally came to me but she did it! She came to my right side laid down and put her nose under my arm and gave me a few good nudges and a big sigh. I got to my position and she fronted and stood still while I got up.
Thank you so much for Sky. She makes my life so much brighter.
Just thought that you would like to know that "your girl" is doing a great job and that I love her so much.
Monica & Sky
Paws for Life USA
adb TESTI sadie white dogHi,
i just wanted to let you know the great thing Sadie did this morning. Stephanie fell outside on the steps coming in from taking Sadie out to go to the bathroom. Stephanie got herself in and called for me. i was upstairs and couldn't hear her. She told Sadie to "go get Meemee" and here comes Sadie upstairs and down the hall to get me and lead me back to Stephanie!! We were so proud of Sadie!!!  Just thought it would make your day!
Paws for Life USA
adb testi soxsGreat day! Sox and Jacob were awesome. Jacob actually had fun.
After the last event, he said, "Let's go mingle." I am thinking that
I heard it wrong....he and Sox are great together.

Jacob and Sox  WELLDONE - CANINE GOOD CITIZEN March 2013

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