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Amy is a young mother with PTSD. Amy suffers with panic attacks, depression, social anxiety, fear of driving and agoraphobia. Amy has two young children, she has left an abusive spouse and needs the support and help of a psychiatric service dog. Can you imagine the fear of having to drive, go to the grocery store and support your family without support for yourself.

We introduced Amy to Neko a shepherd/husky mix puppy in August 2014 and they took to each other straight away.  Amy needs sponsorship for her dog, she is starting her life over and we want to make sure that she has the chance to make her life and that of her children’s the best we can.

We are training Neko to be a psychiatric service dog who helps Amy every day to get up, go out and who provides her with unconditional love and attention so that she is never alone and to alert her to oncoming dissociation to keep her safe.

Anything that you can do to help support this family is desperately needed, Amy currently has no job and just needs a break she is a very smart, intelligent and talented lady in which life until her service dog was a nightmare. DONATE  NOW  〉FULL DONATION