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Ariel is a young girl just starting out in life who needs a service dog.  Ariel struggles with severe panic disorder and extreme anxiety which causes seizures and balance episodes of such tremendous severity that she is unable to control her body and mind.   With recommendations from her doctors and a request for help, knowing that Ariel would benefit from having a service dog that could alert her prior to an attack, we placed Ziva a Great Dane puppy with her to help give Ariel the confidence and trust that she can do anything.

Ziva is being cross trained as a psychiatric, seizure alert and mobility dog.

Ariel and Ziva chose each other in November 2014 and since then Ariel graduated beauty school in January 2015 and has accepted her first job as a hairstylist.  Ziva goes everywhere with her, lies quietly in place as Ariel works on her clients and is alerting her to seizures.  Training for this team will continue for the next 10 – 12 months and we are looking for sponsorship for them. DONATE  NOW  〉