Donna will share with Animals Deserve Better | Paws for Life a broad range of experience with over 20 years in leadership roles as Business Administrator, Practice Manager, and Office Manager. Her experience in project management, accounts payable, financial reporting, and event planning will serve our organization well.

Donna is a high-energy, enthusiastic person who wants to make a difference in other peoples’ lives and the lives of animals. Her success at leading projects and organizing and motivating others to achieve goals will be key in her new position with Animals Deserve Better.

Donna has faced and stood up to her own struggles. She has suffered and learned to manage years with major depression, and severe anxiety along with severe panic disorder, which causes episodes of such tremendous severity that it became very difficult for her to leave her home. She knew that she needed help. Unable to go into a store to shop alone or even drive more than 10 miles without suffering a severe panic attack.

With some research, she found and reached out to Kimberly at ADB to learn if she could benefit from having a service dog that could alert her prior to an attack and assist her in challenging situations. Nala, a German Shepherd puppy was placed with her just prior to 8 weeks old to train to help give Donna the confidence and trust that she needed. With Nala and the training and guidance from Kimberly she now feels like she can do anything. With her regained independence, she now has the pleasure of working alongside the team to make a difference in the lives of others.