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Are you considering purchasing a dog or adopting one from a shelter? Do you want to have an idea of whether that sweetheart that’s caught your eye and heart might be a cream puff or one of the dogs from hell? Do you think your own pet could possibly become a wonderful Therapy Dog but aren’t sure whether they have what it takes?

If so, Animals Deserve Better, Inc can help you with those important considerations before you begin your journey with a new dog or a training program with your own dog. We will be able to give you an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your furry friend and will tell you honestly if they will fit well with your needs and expectations.

While many times a dog will be able to disguise a tendency until later when they are relaxed, ADB is able to conduct a dog temperament evaluation test that will help pinpoint problem areas that might become issues later on. These tests also show good behaviors and strengths that can be encouraged in the dog to help them be a well grounded and well mannered canine. Knowing these strengths and weaknesses will assist the owner/adopter to decide what course of action to take rather than crossing their fingers and hoping for the best. You’re making a big decision for both yourself and your furry friend, why not give it the best opportunity for a successful outcome?

Evaluation Fees

Animals Deserve Better Inc also performs Service and Therapy Dog evaluations as well as obedience level and temperament assessments at a rate of $60 per hour (per dog). For more information, please contact us to find out how to schedule an appointment. 770-402-0297