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Paws For Life USA only takes a few animals at a time to allow us to provide the care and individual attention that is needed.

Every companion animal that gets adopted or placed from us allows us to be able to save the life of one or many more still to be born or those in need of medical or special care. All our companion animals live in our homes.

From the first meeting of a potential rescue we are looking for those special puppies or adults that will enter into our Paws for Life Training Program. Other puppies and adults become companion, therapy dogs or ESA for families that do not need or require a service assistance dog.

We also wish to provide information ( we have not dealt with any individual group or organization ) but if you are looking to provide a home for a retired working dog please do your homework and please reach out to the Military, Police and other groups who have service dogs that are being retired. We suggest starting Here:

Look into Adopting a Retired Military, Police or Working Dog