Paws for Life Client Application Video Outline Part C

  • Please provide a 10-15 minute video and submit with Part A of your application.
  • -Initially, to see IF we can have the right dog for your needs and accept you as a client -When matching teams, to evaluate whether a dog in training fits your lifestyle and your needs -During custom-training of the dog to meet your needs
  • Name and address. Tell us about your family, friends, and personal attendants. Tell us about your pets (past and present). Describe your daily routine – work, school, and other activities.
  •  The history of your disability.  Your accomplishments.  Your limitations.  Your activity level.  Your daily routine
  •  Show us how you move around inside your home and workplace or school.  Show us how you use your adaptive equipment.  Show us how you transfer.  Show us your mode of transportation outside your home.
  •  How do you think a dog will be able to help you?  What skills would you need?  What are your expectations of an assistance dog?  Do you currently have or have you ever had a service dog? If so: a. Where did you get your service dog (organization, private trainer, self-trained, other)? b. How many years did the dog work with you? c. If you still have the dog, show your service dog interacting with you.
  •  Home – Video the interior and exterior of your home, your yard (including any fencing), and your neighborhood (where you might walk with your dog)  Show your interaction with any present pets you may have.  Other – Video your work, school, recreational and/or social environment.