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Animals Deserve Better-Dog Rescue | Paws for Life-Service Dog Training- Located in Atlanta Georgia.

The Paws for Life Service Dog Training Program is the primary focus of the ADB Organization. 60% of our puppies|dogs come from litters that have been bred by hand-picked registered breeders, selected for their dogs blood lines, with proven working and service dogs in the pedigree which helps in evaluating the right puppy for service.  30% of the puppies|dogs are rescued from high kill shelters and are able to be trained for service, therapy or emotional support work.  The remaining 10% are dogs that are already in the family of a disabled person. These dogs must first be evaluated and tested and pass a stringent list of training protocols before they can be approved for service dog training with their ownerWe are an IRS 501c3 Non-Profit no-kill  all volunteer Rescue & Service Dog Training organization in Atlanta Georgia. We rescue  lost, abandoned and neglected dogs- rehabilitate them and turn them into thriving highly trained service and therapy dogs, making a difference in the life of the dogs and the humans they will serve.

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Establish a Service, Assistance and Therapy Dog program for those who have disabilities.Establish a Humane Education Program to provide a better understanding of animals.Establish a Disaster Relief Program to provide temporary emergency care and shelter.Establish a Program to Reduce the Number of Animals being abandoned or sent to shelters and killed