Elijah Meeting His Puppy Hudson, as we start the adventure of training him to be a Service Dog.

Meet 10-year-old Elijah and his cuddly new service dog in training Hudson an 8-month-old goldendoodle.  Hudson is currently undergoing specialized training to provide Elijah with critical support and assistance that he will need throughout each day.

The adventure of cross training Hudson will take about 2 – 3 years and will include Mobility Training and Seizure Alert Training. This cute ball of floof has a very important job to do when he grows up.

Because Elijah has blindness in both eyes, this soon to be service animal will be trained to keep the little boy heading in the right direction so he doesn’t stumble when he walks, or walk off a curb, or into a tree.

Mobility service dogs undergo training to perform a wide range of incredible tasks, such as

  • Helping with mobility by assisting with walking and navigating stairs
  • Assisting with getting dressed and undressed for added support Helping to retrieve a phone that is out of reach
  • Pressing elevator buttons to make it easier to use. 5. Opening and closing doors, drawers, and closets for convenience
  • Using automatic door openers to make entering and exiting easier
  • Helping to pick up items that have been dropped
  • Turning lights on and off for convenience
  • Assisting with carrying bags and small objects for ease and comfort

Hudson will also be trained to alert for seizures which Elijah suffers from.

Seizure alert dogs undergo training to carry out various tasks that specifically help in a seizure situation, including but not limited to

  • Ensuring the safety of someone experiencing a seizure by lying beside them to prevent any potential harm.
  • Acting as a barrier between the handler and the ground to prevent injuries when a seizure starts.
  • Offering support and comfort to the handler throughout the seizure.
  • Activating a device to notify a specific individual that a seizure is taking place.

Hudson and Elijah have only been together now for about 2 months and in that time have grown a very strong bond. Hudson is very social and friendly and it is clear to see that he is in love with his new brother.

Because Elijah has Autism along with blindness and ADHD, Hudson is being trained/handled by his mom Tandeka. Hours of work a day, a week a year is going to go into the training of this service dog. And of course, it takes a lot of money.

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