Animals Deserve Better|Paws for Life Service Dog Training at the Atlanta History Museum 2019

All day service dog training on how to handle your service dog in crowds including long down, sit and stand stays. At the Atlanta History Center we went through all the exhibits, then visited the farm while working with the service dogs on distance from sheep, goats, turkey and chickens. Got to scent vegetables too. Worked on loose leash techniques, front, back and pull, balance up steps, elevator technique and stairs.  We visited the Swan house and dogs were great staying on the path up and down stairs.  It had been warm outside so we went through the buffet line ate some bar b que  and drank water and tea showing off where to place your  service dog in an event style seating with tables of 10. Surrounded by multiple people and hundreds of children.  Some of us got to practice when our disability was unforgiving and made us remember why we have a service dog, all dogs performed in the midst of chaos with impeccable alerts.  We finished with a walk in the grounds, visited the Veterans Memorial, walked over bridges touching fake horses and looking for statues of animals amidst running water.   Ended the day with a great group photo taken by Stephen Shipman see if you can spot the dogs who are driving the car.  It was a great and successful day and I thank everyone for coming, training in all situations makes us and our dogs better partners.