Animals Deserve Better|Paws for Life Service Dog Training Shares Tips on Dog Safety for July 4th

7 Top Tips For Keeping Your Service Dog Safe:

As we all slowly and safely come back into outdoor celebrations, we wanted to go over a few tips to remember when keeping your Service Dog Safe during July 4th Celebrations.

1. Look to the Level of training you and your service dog have had and how your dog handles crowds, chaos, noise and distractions. You may have to desensitize your service dog to any of these types of environments created by fireworks, loud music and large gatherings. Your service dog may be familiar and accepting but maybe young and in training so make a good decision and start training for this months before the event.

2. Use Mutt Muffs or a Muffler on your dog to diffuse the noise if they are sensitive to fireworks or gun fire.

3. Most importantly if your service dog is showing signs of stress then move them a distance away as to where they are not being affected by the noise. Never force your service dog to stay, neither of you will get to enjoy the display, think about training for next year.

4. Make sure all the information and ID on your dog is accurate including updated medical information should you get separated or you are traveling to another city ( add the location you are staying at just in case) to attend the event.

5. If your service dog usually works off leash suggest using a leash as things can happen quickly.

6. Remember to take poop bags and have loads of fresh water.

7. Most importantly if your disability is causing you to have a problem and your service dog is trying to alert you, don’t be stubborn, pay attention to your service dogs body language, leave and both be safe.